NFRS warns of increased risk of fire when drinking


While many people will be enjoying a drink this summer, Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service is warning people that alcohol can increase the risk of a fire.

Drinking increases the likelihood of a fire, particularly from cooking or cigarettes, because it inhibits the ability to make safe decisions.  It also affects the ability to recognise, and respond appropriately to, the signs of a fire.  Once a fire has started, alcohol can heighten feelings of disorientation, making it difficult to escape.

Fire Investigation Officer Bobbie-Jay Slack said: "Sadly, we have seen the fatal consequences of alcohol-related fires and don't want anyone else to suffer a similar fate.  If you've been drinking, there is the potential for things to go wrong - when your attention stops, fire can start.  We want people to enjoy themselves, this summer, but ask that they do so safely.

"We would urge people to think twice about attempting to cook after consuming alcohol and, perhaps, order a takeaway instead.  Equally, if they've been drinking, people should be extra careful to make sure they dispose of smoking materials properly or, even better, not smoke at all."

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