A message from our Chief Fire Officer this Ramadan


​During this month people will pray, and reflect during the day and in the evening, they will break their day long fast. Ramadan calls on Muslims to honour the values at the very heart of Islam, values like compassion, peace and service to others. This year, like last year will be different for Muslims of Nottinghamshire, but I know people will find ways to bring its true meaning to life.

Muslims in Nottinghamshire have always tried to support both local and international causes supporting people in disaster zones and those in poverty and I know this year will be no exception. I am aware of the street food donations by Rumis Table and Himmah and the Muslim Hands charity who are tackling hunger in over 50 countries across the world.

No one has escaped the impact of Covid 19, and I want to thank and recognise all of the essential workers that have been taking care of us, including the Muslim fire fighters who will be on duty whilst fating this year and those fire fighters supporting our vaccination hubs across Nottinghamshire. They are doing their part, lets us do ours.

So, observe Ramadan by staying at home, maintaining social distancing and taking advantage of the vaccination when offered by the NHS. Rather than having Iftar in groups, do it online or provide food packages for others. Also take extra care when cooking in the early hours and never leave hot oil pans unattended.

If you are driving and making those long journey's, please ensure you take plenty of rests in a legal and safe place. If possible, avoid long journey's and always plan your route in advance.

This Ramadan places great challenges on Muslims, but by taking care of each other, reaching out to family and friends and neighbour's, I know that it will still be a Ramadan of community spirit and hope.

On behalf of the NFRS, I wish everyone fasting this year, a peaceful and blessed Ramadan.

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