38 years of on-call firefighting for the Pratt family


A family of four on-call firefighters have 38 years of fighting fires between them.

Mark, Marcus, Daniel and Nick Pratt are all on-call firefighters based at Hucknall Fire Station.

Mark Pratt father of Marcus and Daniel has been with the Service for 26 years with his primary role working for Rolls Royce where he recently retired a year ago and now focuses on keeping fire engines on the run as part of his role on-call.

Marcus works as a Workplace Assessment Co-ordinator for NFRS, Daniel is a Dental Technician and responds from his workplace, whilst Nick works as an Engineer in Castle Donnington. With such variety of primary employment each family member is able to provide different times of cover for the Service keeping the fire engines on the run.

Nick Pratt, Mark's nephew is the newest to join the Service and follows in his cousins and uncles footsteps.

Nick said: “Being an on-call firefighter has it’s challenges but the adrenaline and variety of incidents is what I enjoy most.

“As we live in the community there is a sense of family, seeing their faces after an incident is an overwhelming feeling. Everyone is so grateful and it’s nice to help create a safer community.”

Mark said: “I have been on-call firefighting for 26 years and every time the pager goes off I get the same sense of excitement as I did when I started. I enjoy every minute of every day with the Service and I hope this will continue until I’m no longer able to fulfil the role.

“Being an on-call firefighter is such a good and rewarding job and to be able to see my family do the role alongside me is something I’m immensely proud of.

“It can be emotional at times knowing your family members are going into a house fire and I might not be on-call or at the incident. But we’re all highly trained and experienced for these situations so you put the emotions aside and go to the incident with one goal and that is to keep the community safe.”

The on-call firefighters come from all walks of life and the Pratt family are just one example of how important on-call firefighting is within the community.

On-call recruitment is set to launch on 13 July until the 2 August and NFRS want anyone who is interested to get in touch to find out more.

Marcus Pratt said: “I do this role for the buzz and the enjoyment of the on-call lifestyle. It's definitely a lifestyle choice as you can get times when the pager goes off when you don’t want it too, whether that’s in the middle of a haircut or sitting down for tea, you just have be ready and prepared.

“The family connection is strong between us all and it’s really important to have the family on board. We all fell into this role and it’s great to bring us closer together. We not only have our family involved but we have our wider on-call family and there’s nothing more important than this, especially when we attend an incident.”

Daniel Pratt said: “I’d encourage anyone who is interested in the role to do their research, speak to the station and definitely apply. It is very rewarding and there’s certainly no other feeling like it!

“In my primary role, I work near to the Station and my employer has kindly been flexible in allowing me to be on call whilst at work. This means I can turn in and provide cover throughout the day to keep the trucks on the run.”

We are now recruiting for on call firefighters and if you have been inspired by the Pratt family why not apply today? Find out more by applying through our jobs portal http://jobs.notts-fire.gov.uk  


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