Wholetime Firefighters

Firefighting is only one part of the service NFRS provides – however it is undoubtedly a very important one. Firefighters not only tackle fires but also deal with road traffic collisions, air and rail crashes, chemical incidents, animal rescues, water rescues, rescues from height and much more. Additionally, the Service places a great deal on incident prevention and firefighters do a great deal of community safety work within their station areas – helping NFRS achieve its ultimate goal, which is to create a safer Nottinghamshire.


Specific areas of work include:


Responding to Emergencies

  • Responding immediately and safely to all emergency calls
  • Dealing with a wide range of incidents, such as fires, road traffic collisions and water rescues, quickly, efficiently and safely
  • Minimising the distress and suffering of members of the public, including giving first-aid
  • Offering advice and guidance to people who have been involved in incidents on how they can prevent them happening in the future


Community Safety

  • Helping to prevent fires and other incidents from occurring in the first place through undertaking work in the community
  • Educating the community, as per the above point, by visiting schools, community centres, people's homes and other local places
  • Having local knowledge of the area, such as streets, roads and buildings – and also the risks that exist in the area
  • Advising people about planning escape routes within their own homes in case of a fire
  • Actively seeking to understand and to value diverse individuals and groups
  • Carrying out regular Home Safety Checks


Training and Development

  • Taking part in a continuous training programme by attending lectures, exercises, practical training sessions and other forms of training to maintain competency levels
  • Ensuring fitness levels are maintained as the work can be demanding both physically and mentally


Station Routines

  • Maintaining, cleaning and testing equipment to ensure it is ready and fit-for-purpose when needed
  • Keeping the station and its facilities clean
  • Keeping up to date with news from across the Service


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