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Life as a firefighter is extremely rewarding, but also, at times, challenging. So, what's in it for you? Below we've listed some of the benefits of working for Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service - as well as outlining how much you will get paid.


  • Being part of an amazing team that works to make a positive difference to people's lives. 
  • Serving your community and helping to make your area a safer place to live, work and visit.  
  • Earning money at the same time as doing a job you love.
  • Being in a job that pushes you beyond your limits, and helps you achieve things you never thought you could.
  • Access to a good pension scheme and free use of the gyms at every single NFRS station.
  • Access to the Bupa Health scheme.


All remuneration is paid in accordance with the National Joint Council (NJC) Conditions of Service for Local Authorities Fire Brigades (Opens in a new window).

On-Call Firefighters receive a retaining fee reflective of the cover provided.

All work activity is paid at the basic hourly rate. When on-call firefighters respond to an emergency they receive a minimum of one hours pay where they form part the crew that responds and a minimum of half an hours pay where they do not form part of that crew.

When called out on an emergency they will receive a fixed disturbance payment on each occasion in addition to the hourly pay rate.

Salary component information based on NJC July 2020

Component: Payment

Retaining fee: £1,787 - £3,177 (per annum)

Hourly rate: £10.88 - £14.51

Disturbance payment: £4.18 (per occasion)

Frequently Asked Question - What is the difference between trainee, development and competent?

Whilst at our Service Development Centre in Ollerton, on their basic training course, firefighters are classed as trainees. This is the first stage of their training.

Once firefighters have left the training centre, and have started responding to calls with their station colleagues, they become firefighters in development. This is the second stage of their training, and normally takes two years.

Once the development stage is complete, firefighters become competent - and attract the higher rate of pay.

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