How to apply


You can apply to join our team as a firefighter, between the below application window dates, through our dedicated application portal. Before you do so, though, we ask that you ensure you meet the criteria outlined below and have a read through of the documents at the bottom of this page.

On-Call recruitment window: CLOSED

Dates of Interest

If you need more information and missed our webinar on the 15 July 2020 over on Facebook you can watch it again below: 

A “Have a Go” Day will take place on 4th July 2021 (Subject to COVID restrictions) 

Written Tests week commencing 26th July 2021. (These will include Math’s, English, Dictation, and Memory Recall).

The Bleep Test/Multi Stage Shuttle Run will take part before the written tests on the week commencing 26th July 2021: Candidates will be required to achieve level 8.7 to pass.

The Job-Related Tests for this process will take place on the 14th and 15th August 2021.

Interviews will take place weeks commencing the 6th and 13th of September 2021.

Medical Screens and Fitness Test will take place on the weeks commencing 4th October and 1st November 2021.

Face Fit Testing and OH Physician Appointment will take place weeks commencing 8th and 24th November. 

Kit fitting will take place week commencing 8th and 24th November 2021.

Course will begin on 7th January 2021.

Application criteria:

  • You must live or work within a five minute drive (at normal road speed) of your local fire station. If you have any queries about this, get in touch with the team at your local station and they will be able to help you gauge whether or not you are close enough.
  • You must be able to attend training - which may involve taking time off work and attending our Service Development Centre at evenings and weekends.
  • You must be aged 18 or over on the date that your training begins.
  • You must be able to offer at least 84 hours of fire cover each week. If you don't feel like you can offer this cover, but, for example, you are available during weekdays (our time of greatest need) then get in touch with your local station staff or contact our HR team.

For more information on the job related tests that we require all our applicants to pass see our Job Related Test page.


Useful documents

Below are links to documents you might find useful in applying.

Dates for January 2022 On-Call course (.docx, 2 pages)

Firefighter Recruitment Fitness Guide (.pdf)

On-Call Firefighter Person Specification (.docx, 3 pages, 65Kb)

On-Call Firefighter Selection Process (.docx, 2 pages , 55Kb)

On-Call Firefighter Terms and Conditions - Summary (.docx, 5 pages, 63Kb)

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