Keep your Business Safe

​Keep your Business Safe from Fire

If your business suffered a fire, would it survive the aftermath?

Research carried out shows that 20% of UK businesses suffer some form of major disruption every year and, of those, 80% will close within 18 months of the disruption occurring.

It is therefore of paramount importance to keep your business fire safe. By taking some basic precautions in working practices it is possible to minimize the risk of fire and the damage it causes.

In considering ways of making your business safe from fire you should also consider the fitting of automatic fire suppression systems such as sprinklers. Although there may not be a legal requirement for them, they are actively promoted by insurers and fire and rescue services across the country. There could be other cost effective ways of reducing the chances of fire and the containment of it, particularly around your company's unique selling point, and this should be included in your Fire Risk Assessment, which could focus on your business continuity.

This not only relates to fire, but also to acts of terrorism, pandemics, theft and fraud, as well as floods, which can have a devastating effect on your business continuity.

No matter what the cause of disruption is, good business continuity planning can reduce overall losses to your business by up to half.


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