Fire Risk Assessment

Help with your Fire Risk Assessments

Fire safety in your business premises

Under current Fire Safety Legislation you, as a responsible person within your business, must carry out (or appoint a competent person to carry out) a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment. This assesses the risk of fire to your employees and others who are associated with your business and its work.

To help you with your Fire Risk Assessment, we offer a variety of risk assessment templates and can signpost you to the relevant Government guidelines, as well as giving you the opportunity to come along to a Fire Safety workshop. These workshops can show you how to populate your Fire Risk Assessment to suit your specific needs.

Fire Risk Assessment template using the templates

Our Fire Risk Assessment templates are for guidance and should help you methodically follow the five key steps of Fire Risk Assessments. These must be used in conjunction with the relevant DCLG Guides which is relevant to the size of your premises and the nature of your business.

Please feel free to use the expandable version of the Fire Risk Assessment here.  Just type the details directly into the form and then use to print or save as needed.

Worked example Fire Risk Assessment

To help with maintenance of your fire arrangements, such as fire alarm testing records, fire training records, etc, please feel free to download our fire safety logbook.

Fire safety logbook

 Free Fire Risk Assessment Workshops

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service offers free Fire Risk Assessment Workshops which are open to 'micro' and small businesses who want to complete their own Fire Risk Assessment.

The workshop usually lasts around two hours and is delivered in small groups of no more than five business representatives at a time, so the guidance is tailored for individual business needs.

Please contact us to book a free place.
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