Arson Checklist for Commercial Buildings

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Safety Precautions ​Y/N
Ensure your Fire Risk Assessment is reviewed regularly and takes into account the threat of arson.
​Designate an area for rubbish bins and skips which is at least 10 metres away from buildings and boundaries.
​Reduce the amount of rubbish stored on premises by arranging for its regular removal by the disposal agency.
​Purchase metal bins with lockable lids to hold rubbish and chain wheeled bins to a fixed post.
​Stack pallets neatly, to a safe height and away from buildings or boundaries and arrange for their prompt return.
​Store highly flammable materials and substances separately from combustible material and in secure metal containers.
​Keep any undergrowth on waste or derelict land bordering onto your property under control by using a non-flammable weed killer if necessary.
​Regularly inspect unoccupied buildings such as storage areas and basements and remove any non-essential combustible material.
​Cover or sheet combustible material with a fire retardant cover.
​keep escape routes clear and ensure internal fire doors remain shut throughout.
Security PrecautionsY/N
​Encourage employees to be vigilant and challenge suspicious behaviour by strangers or other employees.
​Secure entry points in unoccupied buildings such as windows and doors using sturdy bars and locks reinforced with bolts.
​Minimise gaps under external doors and secure openings such as letter boxes by installing a metal container on the inside.
​Promptly repair vandalism and remove graffiti, report suspicious behaviour to the Police and alert surrounding neighbours.
​Repair damage to perimeter fencing and gates and ensure that thorny bushes along the perimeter are not overgrown.
​Install security lighting and if necessary CCTV in areas which are hidden from view and cut back vegetation close to recesses which could provide cover.
Fit window locks or metal bars on ground floor windows and those near flat roofs and drain pipes.
​Install clear signage at entry points onto the premises instructing employees and visitors where and where not to go.
​Restrict and monitor access onto the premises and encourage employees to question strangers wondering onto the premises.
​Avoid leaving valuable items on display and have clear procedures for employees to secure the premises at close down.
Action Plan and Comments to Support your Findings on the Checklist



















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