Year 3 Action Plan

​Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service has a three-year Strategic Plan (2019-2022). Each year key service ambitions are delivered to ensure we continue to provide an efficient and effective service to the communities of Nottinghamshire and deliver our aim of “creating safer communities”.

Over the next year, we are going to continue to make sure that we are always ready to work with you to prevent incidents from happening, protect you from hazards and respond to you in an emergency. 
Alongside this, we will be working to renew our Integrated Risk Management Plan. We will undertake a full review of the risks facing our communities and the external factors that may influence our services. We will consult with the public and partner agencies to set out our strategic ambitions for the future and develop a new Strategic Plan for 2022-25.

For 2021, year three of our current Strategic Plan, our key ambitions are:

Responding to you

Assure our operational resourcing

  • Undertake a strategic review of requirements for specialist appliances, to ensure we have the right equipment and resources in place over the longer term 

Strengthen the sustainability of on-call

  • Explore ways to make the role of On-Call fire fighter more appealing, to increase recruitment and retention and deliver a more sustainable On-Call system 

Resilience and Business Continuity

  • Restore all our community focused services and implement new ways of working as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic 

Preventing Incidents and Protecting You

Supporting those in greatest need

  • Continue to develop our understanding and engagement with our diverse communities to enhance our service delivery 

Implementing recommendations post-Grenfell

  • Implement national leaning emerging from the Grenfell Tower Inquiry and Manchester Arena Inquiry 

Delivering an efficient service

Improving your service

  • Continue to develop a performance focused approach and culture to shape and drive service improvement 
  • Continue to improve our services and implement learning from our HMICFRS Covid-19 and full-service inspections 
  • Implement a new rostering solution to improve our efficiency and effective utilisation of operational staff 
  • Explore agile working arrangements to enhance flexibility and seek efficiencies in the way we work 

Collaborate to provide a better service

  • Complete the move to our new Joint Headquarters at Sherwood Lodge 

Developing the new strategic plan

  • Review our corporate planning framework and develop our next strategic plan, which will define our service direction and public commitments for 2022-25

Looking after our people

  • Continue to embed an inclusion approach to provide a positive workplace where all employees feel supported and valued (3.10)
We review progress against these actions, through our corporate governance structure, throughout the year. Key service updates can be viewed by reviewing our Fire Authority meeting minutes.
Each year we report on progress against the previous year of the Strategic Plan. You can review our progress through our Statement of Assurance.

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