Escape Routes


Have you ever thought about how you would get out of your property in the event of an emergency?

Every second counts in that kind of situation. If you have a escape route planned it will save you valuable time and ensure you and your family can get to safety.

Preparation is key

  • Plan your escape route and practice with everyone in your home.
  • Keep mobile phones close by in case you need to call 999.
  • Make sure everyone knows where door and window keys are kept.

Why do I need one?

  • Your home will look different in the dark and filled with smoke.
  • Use your normal route out the house as your escape route.
  • Plan a second route, just in case.

If you can't get out:

  • Get everyone into one room.
  • Close the door and stay by an open window.
  • Call 999 and ask for the fire service.


For those of you with children, why not draw a map of your house with your little ones and plan the various routes out should they ever need to?

Looking for a leaflet? Click the image below to download printable fire safety advice.

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