​Diwali is known as 'the festival of light', and sees an increase in the use of 'divas' or oil lamps. By taking a few simple precautions, you can reduce the risk of fire for yourself and your family.


Smoke alarms save lives

Ensure you have working smoke alarms installed on every floor of your home. Any smoke alarm that you buy should meet British Standard requirements and carry the Kitemark. You should test your smoke alarm at least once a month. For more information visit our smoke alarm safety page.

Candle safety

Make sure your candles are placed in a proper holder, keep them out of reach of children and pets, and always blow them out before you leave a room or before you go to bed. If candles are placed near items such as curtains, or other fabrics or furniture, it could catch fire. To find out more or to view your own printable guide visit our candle safety page.

Cooking safety

You can easily get distracted in the kitchen, but distractions could cause fires. Never leave your cooking unattended, if you leave the room then turn off the hob. Keep tea towels, clothes and even kitchen roll well away from naked flame. To learn more visit our kitchen safety page.

Firework safety

If you are thinking of using fireworks as part of your celebrations this year, ensure you are following the firework code. Only buy fireworks which carry the CE mark, light a firework at arm's length and never return to a firework once it has been lit Be a bright spark this year and head over to our firework safety page.

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