Blue Light Road Safety Advice

When on a 'blue light' journey our crews need to get to their destination as quickly, and safely, as possible. To do this, we rely on the co-operation of other road users.

Blue Light Aware is a short video that was produced on behalf of all emergency services. It aims to give road users a better understanding of what blue light drivers need and how other road users can help them. The video gives advice on how to reduce the risks you face while contributing to a safer road environment. In addition, you might also be helping to save a life.

Here are our top tips of what you should do if you come across an emergency service vehicle using blue lights:

  • Keep calm!
  • Turn off any loud music so you can concentrate
  • Look and listen to where the sirens are coming from
  • Don't panic and brake suddenly as this could cause a collision
  • Pull over if safe, and indicate when doing so
  • Leave enough space for our vehicles to get through

For more advice and information, and to watch the video, please visit the Blue Light Aware website (Opens in a new window).


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