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Freedom of Information Disclosure Log

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Our disclosure log has Freedom of Information and Environmental Information requests which we feel are of wider public interest in demonstrating how we have made decisions, how we have spent public money or how we have used our resources.

Please note, the information in the log has been edited to remove private information and personal details, including who has made the request. Where possible, supporting documents have been included. Where this has not been possible, you can ask for the supporting documents by contacting

If you can't find the information you want on our website, please contact us with your request, by email at or use our Service contact details.


Brief Request Details
collapse Category : Staffing ‎(4)
Numbers of firefighters and training costs 2010 to 2017.
Staff absence and mental health April 2016 - July 2017.
Staff headcount by role for 31/3/2016 and 31/3/2017.
Numbers of fire inspection staff 2000 to 2017.
collapse Category : Incidents and fire safety ‎(17)
Numbers of animal rescues for January 2016 to November 2017.
Numbers of fires where fridge or freezer recorded as cause of fire, January 2015 to June 2017.
Numbers of home safety checks and visits under the Fire Protection (fire safety inspections against the Regulatory Reform Order) and Fire Prevention (home safety checks) for buildings 18 metres and over 1 April 2016 to 21 June 2017.
Special services calls May 2016 to April 2017
Bariatric incidents May 2016 to April 2017.
Animal rescues calendar years 2014-2016, summary and estimated costs
Animal rescues incident summaries 2016.
Animal rescues incident summaries 2015.
Animal rescues incident summaries 2014.
Animal rescues calendar years 2014-2016, including estimated costs.
Tumble dryer fires in calendar years 2014-2016.
Tumble dryer fires in calendar years 2014-2016 - whether subject to recall.
Tumble dryer fires in calendar years 2014-2016 - - incident summaries.
What medical interventions are fire crews trained/able to deliver to a burns
casualty at the scene in absence of ambulance service support?
E-cigarette and mobile phone incidents January 2012 to August 2017.
Incident data of people rescued April 2016-March 2017.
Which student accommodation buildings, other than Nottingham Two and Byron House, have been investigated following the Grenfell Tower tragedy.
collapse Category : Governance and other ‎(1)
Incidents and income from work with EMAS April 2015 to March 2017.
collapse Category : Finance and spending ‎(7)
Training budgets April 2014 to March 2017; VR training tools used.
Energy – software management, annual cost and meter points.
How much has NFRS spent with Amptron Electrical Services Ltd in the last twelve
months? (April 2016-March 2017)
Fleet information
Who delivers NFRS First Aid training/Trauma training and Clinical Governance to
Fire & Rescue Personnel?
tell me the number of pensioners in payment within the public sector pension scheme you
administer who were receiving a pension that was greater than the following amounts
Who is your current provider of Financial Systems support and implementation
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