Our Procurement and Estates department has three primary functions:


  • To manage our estate
  • To procure goods and services
  • To supply equipment needed by firefighters


The Estates section is responsible for making sure that our fire stations, land and buildings are developed and well-maintained. Some of its main activities include:

  • Managing the design and construction of new fire stations, major refurbishments and minor projects
  • Building maintenance, which covers the mechanical and electrical building services, plus support services such as cleaning, waste management, environmental compliance and repairs
  • Making certain we comply with the statutory and legal requirements of estate management. This includes keeping up-to-date records of all our fixed assets across all sites so that we can plan for their replacement
  • Energy and environment management, which incorporates monitoring energy consumption and introducing measures to reduce our energy requirements

Procurement and Stores

This section is responsible for making sure that we have the goods and services we need to enable us to provide an effective service.

Its core functions include:

  • Managing processes and procedures to make sure we receive high quality, competitively-priced goods and services
  • Advising colleagues on how to achieve value-for-money through procurement
  • Managing suppliers
  • Providing critical firefighting equipment, which includes collecting and replacing damaged or faulty kit and equipment

Procurement Opportunities

Purchasing goods and services using an open and transparent process is a priority for Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service and all contracts awarded are subject to NFRS internal financial regulations abiding by the UK and EU legislation.

As part of our procurement strategy, we use an e-procurement system called 'In-Tend'. This helps us to enhance our purchasing processes by advertising all current tender opportunities which allows wider opportunities for suppliers within the market place.

  • The 'In-Tend' Home page provides information about all our current procurement opportunities. If you would like to receive automatic notifications of all new opportunities, please visit the site and register as a 'supplier'.
  • These are our Standard Purchase Terms
  • If you have any questions regarding procurement opportunities please contact us by email or call 0115 838 8100.

Transparency reports

Invitation to tender (ITT) reports


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